Jul 5, 2011

What's your Transition Town success story?


Putting out a call for your Transition Town success stories. I'm putting together a presentation due in early August and I'd love to include local and national success stories.

Please either leave a link to your stories on your website, or leave a comment here.

Interested in hearing;
how you first started?
what's worked really well for you?
how you're reskilling in your community
what advice you'd offer for starting or boosting an initiative.

Transition Sunshine Coast
Transition Town Eudlo


  1. Big win for renewable energy

    By now you have probably heard the main details of the carbon price package, but are perhaps not aware of the big win for renewable energy it contains. Those pushing for greater support for renewable energy have won a fantastic outcome with new money, new independent bodies and a requirement for the energy regulator to develop a plan to deliver 100% renewable energy.

    Full story: http://slaati.org/?p=2600

  2. Thanks for that Armidale, great to hear from you, Sonya


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