Aug 29, 2009

Northern Exposure 2-7 September

Transition Town training is coming to North Queensland.

If you'd like to find out more about the Transition Town movement: what's happening, what's involved, who's involved and how you can be part of it - and you live near Cairns, Atherton or Innisfail, you're invited to one of the events (listed below) happening in the next couple of weeks.

The workshops will be run by Transition Sunshine Coast's experienced trainers. There will be lots of information, activities, networking, discussion and fun! - Guaranteed.

There are three public meetings so you can come along and hear first hand what's happening nationally and what could be happening locally and there is also a full two-day weekend workshop available that will give you the skills and confidence to start a Transition Initiative in your local area.

So, if you're interested in finding out what you can do about climate change and peak oil, how Transition Towns work on mitigation, adaption and preparedness, how communities are coming together to set up more resilient systems and to build community connections, then this is the week for you.

EVENTS (booking details below)
Malanda Public Meeting
Malanda Hotel Ballroom, English Street, Malanda
Wednesday 2 Sept: 7pm til 9.30pm,
Donations welcome
RSVP As soon as possible

Cairns Public Meeting,
Cairns RSL Dance Hall, Esplanade, Cairns
Thursday 3 Sept: 7pm til 9.30pm,
Donations welcome

Transition Towns Training Introduction Workshop - Kuranda
Starting Friday 4 Sept: 6pm to 9pm (shared dinner provided)
Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 Sept: 8.30am til 4pm both days -
Cost $220

Innisfail Transition Action Public Meeting Afternoon,
Senior Citizens Hall,
Cnr Lilly & Owen St, Innisfail,
Monday 7 Sept: 1pm til 4pm,
Donations welcome
Confirmed attendees: Mayor Bill Shannon and Deputy Mayor Ross Sorbello

For bookings and more details, please contact:
Tania Keeble Ph. 0488 917033
Brett Turner Ph. 4091 3393

Hope to see you there,
Transition Town trainer, facilitator and consultant

Aug 28, 2009

A busy week

It's been a busy time with awareness about Transition Towns building rapidly...

Yesterday I spoke on behalf of Transition Sunshine Coast at a forum on 'Climate-Proofing the Sunshine Coast' - while there was a lot of time spent discussing research and predictions of impacts, I spoke about the local, regional and national movement of communities taking ACTION.

I was also interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine - which I thought was pretty cool. They were doing a feature on peak oil and wanted to focus on solutions and ended up calling me for an interview. It will be out in a couple of months.

Transition Sunshine Coast is featured in this month's ABC Gardening Australia Organic magazine and will be featured in the Australian Geographic magazine soon too.

Also, I heard from the Kenmore group and they have a blogspot so you can visit there and see what they are up to. Well done!

Today I'm off on my own quest to reskill for the future. I'm spending the day at Isabel Shiphard's Herb Farm to learn more about what she does, plant propagation and herbs.

Sonya Wallace
Transition Sunshine Coast
Transition Town Eudlo

Transition Town trainer, facilitator and consultant

Aug 26, 2009

Victorian action

Transition Sunshine Coast were invited to Victoria recently to present at a conference on urban sustainability, peak oil and transition towns. The Municipal Association of Victoria (their local government association representing all Victorian councils) is moving forward with some very ambitious plans there in regard to Transition Towns and Energy Descent Action Planning.

I was lucky enough to catch up with David Holmgren (co-originator of Permaculture) at the Victorian conference. David delivered a presentation on his Future Scenarios. It's well worth a visit to his website to see his views on what might develop out of climate change and peak oil combined impacts.

In coming weeks we'll be visiting councils and community groups in Far North Queensland, the Northern Territory and mid-west Queensland to deliver presentations on Transition Initiatives and Energy Descent Action Planning.

If you would like us to visit your local area, please get in touch transitiontowns at yahoo dot com dot au

Sonya Wallace
Transition Sunshine Coast
Transition Town Eudlo

Transition Town trainer, facilitator and consultant

Dynamic Group intensive workshop

We've just been part of a four-day intensive workshop led by Robin Clayfield on group dynamics and how we can weave ethics, values and heart and soul through the work we are doing in our communities.

There was also a very practical component of how to manage conflict resolution, considering how others view things and problem solving.

This type of work is at the very heart of the Transition Movement - how do we get people engaged, working together, moving forward and long-term sustainability into our social structures of Transition?

We are very lucky to have Robin here in Australia and willing to lend her support and guidance to the Transition Movement. She is now travelling to Bega in NSW for another workshop.
Transition Town trainer, facilitator and consultant


Hello and welcome to the Transition Towns Australia blogspot.

This blog has been generated by Transition Sunshine Coast in response to the growing interest in Transition Towns in Australia. Here you'll find links to all the current official towns (villages, cities, regions etc) in Australia and also what we are up to nationally.

In coming weeks we will be visiting groups and councils in Victoria, Far North Queensland and Northern Territory.

We'll also include reviews of and information about resources, what's on, education opportunities, sharing of ideas, ways to get started and keep going and energy descent action planning.

This blog is our contribution to the national network of Transition Towns in Australia - and we hope you find it of use.

Please feel free to get in contact and to let us know what you are up to in your local area. If we all work together, we might just succeed.

Sonya Wallace
Transition Sunshine Coast
Transition Town Eudlo

Transition Town trainer, facilitator and consultant