Aug 28, 2009

A busy week

It's been a busy time with awareness about Transition Towns building rapidly...

Yesterday I spoke on behalf of Transition Sunshine Coast at a forum on 'Climate-Proofing the Sunshine Coast' - while there was a lot of time spent discussing research and predictions of impacts, I spoke about the local, regional and national movement of communities taking ACTION.

I was also interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine - which I thought was pretty cool. They were doing a feature on peak oil and wanted to focus on solutions and ended up calling me for an interview. It will be out in a couple of months.

Transition Sunshine Coast is featured in this month's ABC Gardening Australia Organic magazine and will be featured in the Australian Geographic magazine soon too.

Also, I heard from the Kenmore group and they have a blogspot so you can visit there and see what they are up to. Well done!

Today I'm off on my own quest to reskill for the future. I'm spending the day at Isabel Shiphard's Herb Farm to learn more about what she does, plant propagation and herbs.

Sonya Wallace
Transition Sunshine Coast
Transition Town Eudlo

Transition Town trainer, facilitator and consultant

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