Oct 17, 2009

Become official and everyone benefits

Greetings Transitioners,

Australia is quickly developing a strong and expansive network of communities embracing the concept of Transition Towns.

For many it's simply a matter of putting a name to what has already been happening, for others it's the catalyst to bring together many parts to make a wonderful new whole.

For others it's an exciting new idea that's capturing people's imagination of what could be if we could work together...

There are a lot of people out there who really secretly like the idea of living local, eating great organic seasonal food, being part of a vibrant community and feeling a sense of belonging in their community - all side-effects of Transitioning.

And becoming an official initiative is a very important step in the process.

It doesn't cost you anything except a little time spent filling out the form available here.

You need at least four people, preferably one or more will have a Permaculture Design Certificate (which will give the group a strong grounding in the core ethics and principles of sustainability), who are willing to begin the process of raising awareness and testing the Transition waters in their community.

If you look at the current list of official initiatives you'll see that Australia has about 10 percent of the world's Transition Towns - which is pretty darn good given our national population.

But there are a lot of groups are calling yourselves Transition Towns, but are not listed on the site.

Perhaps your paperwork is in the pipeline and we'll soon all see your name added to the official list?

I know they are processing the forms in batches now due to the volume coming in.

I urge you to join the network and add your name to the critical mass of international Transition Towns popping up around the world.

Each time a new initiative is added it adds strength to the movement as a whole. Everyone benefits.

When we approach the decision-makers in our communities to talk about the top down action we need they to take, having a list of everyone who is putting the Transition Town name to what they are doing will only support and help the cause. It adds to everyone's credibility and strength.

Becoming part of the network is fundamental to understanding of Transition Towns - it's how the movement can build resilience in these early stages.

Networking in your community (on the ground) is what being a Transition Town is all about - so if you're not also networking internationally with all the other Transition Towns, you're missing a key principle.

If you need help or advice on filling out the form, please contact me, I'd be more than happy to help.

You won't be signing your life away, you're merely putting up a flag to see if others in your community are concerned about climate change and peak oil and would like to join others to begin working on positive pro-active solutions.

And I bet you won't be standing there on your own for very long!

Sonya Wallace
Transition Sunshine Coast
Transition Town Eudlo

Transition Town trainer, facilitator and consultant

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